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Hideaki Anno claims Anime Industry is at a Dead End


Recently at an event honouring his work in animation, famed director and creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno voiced his concerns about the state of the Japanese anime industry, going so far as to predict its eventual demise should things not change.

“The Japanese animation industry has hit a dead end—it will be tough to escape unless we can make animation without commercial considerations… It may even be too late,” Anno said in front of an audience of his peers.

What Anno is referring to of course is the fact that many series are created expressly with the purpose of selling related merchandise and marketing the show towards other promotional content. He seems to believe that greater creative freedom will result in greater animation quality, which seems like a pretty accurate estimation.

What do you think of Anno’s bold claims about the dead end of the anime industry? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Variety


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  1. “animation without commercial considerations” You can’t produce any form of media without considering how it will be marketed.
    If a company was to make a passion project without any idea of the return/who to market in towards the chances of bankruptcy would be too high.

    • I think the point he is trying to get at is the considerations of marketing other things rather than sales.

      I do think that a well known company with a history of high quality products could get away with making a passion project every now and again, WayForward are one such games company. They mostly do work for other companies making tie-ins and whatnot, but then every now and again when the cash flow is looking good they make their own stuff, and it succeeds.

      • I understand that companies need to evolve however, this article is so bizarrely worded that you lose track of what’s they are talking about. ^-o it’s just a collection sexist tangent’s with a random card game as its “supposed” topic.

        This article is about females who are cissexual (it seems to love that word) who believe that the art work for “Magic: The Gathering” sexually objectifies females.
        Along with the fact because females feel intimated by cis males that means they are being sexist and misogynist towards them.

    • Evangelion was created without ANY commercial consideratrions. The final movie was made during the studio’s bankruptcy. It ended up being one of the most successful and influential anime/films ever. He is speaking from experience.

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