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Growing Up | To Your Eternity Episode 10

This is what you call a turning point episode. Last week left us hanging, as Fushi and Gugu were in a perilous situation as they were confronted by an “unknowable enemy” in the forest. Things kick off in hot fashion here, as we dive head first into the battle with Fushi trying to protect Gugu from this otherworldly monster.

This is without question the most dangerous situation Fushi has found himself in thus far, and he is keenly aware of the threat this “unknowable enemy” poses. Fushi orders Gugu to run, but that’s just not the type of bloke that Gugu is. Instead of running, Gugu formulates a plan to fight back and after a brief retreat to the brewery to stock up on alcohol for his belly, Gugu returns; aided by a flaming torch and the liquor in his belly, Gugu takes down the monster in the woods with the power of the flame—restoring Fushi’s various forms to him.

Among all this violence we get Gugu confessing his love to Rean, her family discovering she had been living at the brewery, and the Maker naming the unknowable enemies as “Knokkers”. These all pale in comparison to the surprise that is a four-year time skip. This took me by surprise but, as far as things from a story point, it was a necessity to progress things forward now.

The time skip shows that Gugu has become jacked to the rafters, as he is now a buff, muscular man. Rean doesn’t appear changed too much, other than being a bit taller. The most intriguing change, however, is in Fushi, who has actually aged over time in his main form as the white-haired boy. While previously he had shown no signs of aging in his forms, it appears in his time spent as a family with Gugu and the brewers he has grown like a regular human being.

This time skip has certainly shaken up the very foundation of the series, but it was the mysterious conversation between Fushi and the Maker that left me most curious as to what lies ahead. The Maker demanded Fushi to leave Gugu and move on. Fushi denied him. He defied his creator. The Maker did not seem pleased. What he has planned is anyone’s guess, but something tells me it can’t be good. These happy days seem to be fleeting.


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