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FUNimation Begins Announcing Free! Eternal Summer Cast


Just keep swimming

Having licensed the second season of the aqua-centric Free!, FUNimation has begun their systematic announcement of the English cast. Rather than providing a list of names immediately, the company has decided to reveal one cast member a day from November 10th-November 16th. As such, the following list will continue to grow until week’s end.

  • Rei: J. Michael Tatum

For those who may be wondering how they could’ve missed the English dub of the first season, what with the announcement of Season 2 and all, allow me to shed some light on your quandary: There isn’t one. Due to some apparent licensing conflicts, that are well above my pay grade, Season 1 of Free! has yet to receive the dub treatment. Whether it will or not is still up in the air, so all you can really do is sit back and enjoy your Eternal Summer.


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