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Full Throttle | My Hero Academia Episode 95

Well, that’s one way to break the ice.

Another week, another match. This time around, it’s Todoroki and Iida’s time to shine and show us all what they’re made of. I mean, there are other participants in this match but, let’s be honest, those are the only two the series really cares about. Even then, Iida hasn’t had much play since he went after Stain, and that was an annoyingly long time ago (given that it makes you realise how fast time has passed since then). Regardless, it’s nice to see Iida in the spotlight again, given that he is, ostensibly, the third member of the main-cast trio. It’s also nice to see that he has made progress with his Quirk, ripping the mufflers from his own legs in order to perform a “tune-up” of his engine. Is it as horrifying as it sounds? Pretty much. Especially since it’s a technique handed down through the generations of the Iida family. How exactly did his grandfather discover that self-mutilation led to a speed boost? I mean, the mufflers grow back, but still…

As much as this match is also about Todoroki, it won’t be until the next episode that anything pays of. So far, Todoroki has frozen half of the battlefield and mulled over his ever-tumultuous memories of his father’s “training” regimen. The seeds have also been planted regarding a new move Todoroki will unleash—the particular topic of this batch of childhood memories. And in case that wasn’t enough, we even briefly cut over to see Endeavour Hero-ing all over the place, before wondering—aloud—why Todoroki hasn’t text him back, since he wants to pass on “that move”. Long story short: Todoroki is going to burn some stuff next episode. Probably other students, most definitely an industrial battlefield, hopefully not himself…hopefully not the other students as well, I suppose. I thought the in-airway mushrooms from last episode were bad—which they were; gross too—but fire that burns hot enough to maim is probably worse. No, it’s definitely worse. It’s fire. U.A. is a seriously dangerous place.


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