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For March | To Your Eternity Episode 5

This was an utterly heartbreaking episode, to say the very least. It was an emotionally devastating turn of events that has completely reshaped the trajectory of To Your Eternity going forward. Such was the importance of March, the rambunctious little girl who had become the heart of the show.

Picking up immediately where we left off last week—with Parona staging a prison break—it isn’t long before the Yanome soldiers have caught up with them, and things quickly take a turn for the worse. As Parona is fighting off the onslaught of soldiers and arrows flying her way, March, noticing a stray arrow about to hit Parona, jumps in the arrow’s path—sacrificing herself in the process.

As she lay dying, she asks Parona to become a mother in her stead, to fulfill the dream she never could. As she departs this mortal coil, Fushi becomes incensed and transforms into the big Oniguma bear and absolutely unleashes on the soldiers. As Fushi rages, Parona breaks down as she is confronted with the reality that she could not save March from her fate. March will never get to grow up. March has died.

At this point, we see a gut-wrenching vision of the life March will never live. We see her as an adult with children, and then we see her as a spirit watching on with the spirit of Oniguma, coming to realise her life is over.

Grief stricken, Parona takes up a blade and is going to kill herself so that she can “join March”. Until March, as a spirit begging her not to, acts through the body of Fushi—grabbing the blade and preventing her from taking her life. March doesn’t want her to die: she wants her to live the life she never will.

From here, Fushi and Parona return to the Ninnanah village and recount the events to March’s distraught parents. Try as she might, Parona couldn’t save March and it weighs heavily on her. Things don’t stay quiet for long, as the villagers report that the Yanome soldiers are coming. Parona tells Fushi to run; he appears to understand. We see that Fushi can understand and will remember March as his mother. The episode ends with Fushi transforming into March as the narrator tells us that the rambunctious little girl had became a mother to Fushi, and thanks to her he learned a lot about what it means to be human. Taking on March’s form, she lives on through Fushi.

Ultimately, this was a beautiful yet sorrowful episode of To Your Eternity. March was such a lovable character, and with her now exiting the series stage right, what happens next is anyone’s guess. But if I were to guess, it seems the series will continue following Fushi through different locations and times as he slowly but surely gains more knowledge and understanding of the world around him. Perhaps Fushi’s ultimate goal will be to remember these people who have so profoundly impacted him. We shall see.


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