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Food Wars Anime May Be Slated for 2015


The ultimate food fight

It would seem that Twitter has once again been the scene of an information leak, as it so frequently seems to be. As it would happen, the Gofuku office of the Yajimaya bookstores Tweeted (and subsequently deleted) that Food Wars is set for an anime adaptation in 2015.

Soma Yukihira’s old man runs a small family restaurant in the less savory end of town.  Aiming to one day surpass his father’s culinary prowess, Soma hones his skills day in and day out until one day, out of the blue, his father decides to enroll Soma in a classy culinary school!  Can Soma really cut it in a school that prides itself on a 10 percent graduation rate? And can he convince the beautiful, domineering heiress of the school that he belongs there at all?!


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