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First Thoughts: “Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE” – Don’t Need No Credit Card To Ride THIS Train


Every Anime fan is prone to enjoying a “Magical Girl” Anime every once in a while. Some of us are long-time fans of “Sailor Moon”, others like something a little darker and go for “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”. No matter what your poison is, it’s there and it’s undeniable.

What is is about a “Magical Girl” series that captivates audiences, though? Is it the pretty costumes? The themes of love and friendship? The outlandish, sparkling clothes? I don’t know. Maybe nobody knows. What we all do know is that they’re sometimes fun to watch and I’ve found none more enjoyable, as of yet, than “Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE” which strays a little from the “Magical Girl” sub-sub-sub-genre because, well, they’re “Magical Boys” instead.


One of the first new series’ to be release for the Winter 2015 Anime season, “Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE” follows the story of five young men who, one day, come across a strange creature which can and should only be described as a pink wombat. This talking marsupial, a “close cousin to the Koala”, explains nothing to these boys before forcing magical powers onto them that make the group say and do the types of things they usually wouldn’t.

After seeing a deadly monster that just so happens to resemble the local cuisine the boys were talking about at the top of the episode, they transform to become the “Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE”! Now wearing quite feminine attire, the boys use their “Love Sticks” to thwart their enemy, showing him that hate is never a good option. The only way to live is through love.


Episode one is pretty typical; it’s the origins of the boys’ powers but it’s not at all boring. What this Anime did right was compress all the unnecessary exposition which actually worked to set the story in motion rather than keep it at a standstill. In twenty minutes “Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE” managed to showcase a lot of what we’re going to see in the series without feeling too “overpopulated” with content. It also made me laugh, a LOT.

I had no idea about this Anime going into it apart from that it is about a bunch of “Magical Boys”. I didn’t know it was going to be this funny or this charming but…it is! The characters are all pretty basic which is fine because their two-dimensional personalities are called out by one another throughout the episode. In fact, the entire series seems very tongue-in-cheek with almost every single line being some sort of “dig” at your typical “Magical Girl” Anime tropes.


Look, the animation quality isn’t anything to look twice at. While it’s not terrible, it isn’t groundbreaking but I actually don’t think it has to be. Not when you’ve got dialogue as humorous as what was featured and not when a lot of what is shown simply makes you feel good. Most, if not all, of the characters are designed to be a little gender ambiguous so, at first glance, you’ll swear a couple of the characters are young ladies but you’ll quickly come to fin they’re not. Actually, thinking back on it, I think the school they attend may be an all-boys school so it’d be strange if there were ladies around.

All of these characters, despite how flat they may come across, you eventually grow to like which is quite a feat for a single episode to do. I think it’s because you’re urged not to take “Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE” seriously. It’s obviously a feel-good Anime that’s supposed to have you giggling from the first minute to the last and, with only one episode, it’s proven that it can do that!


On a whim I watched the first episode of “Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE” and I’m so glad I did because what it left me with was a smile on my face and happy thoughts in my head. It’s not very often that a “Comedic” Anime series can make me actually laugh but this episode has proven that anything is possible.

Now I’m not here to say this will be the best series of the Winter 2015 line-up but what I will say is that people will follow this all the way until the end and enjoy every minute of it. It just seams like the type of show that will continue to bring the laughs without getting too stale even as it reaches close to the final episode. Why though? The “Magical Girl” sub-genre has a lot to make fun of and I get the feeling “Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE” is going to cover it all! Now the only question left to ask it: Who is best boy?

Watch it! Go to Crunchyroll and watch the official release there.



  1. Oooh I did not expect to see anything about this show here! Glad you liked it! I think the whole ‘magical boy’ thing probably put a lot of people off straight away (I almost didn’t watch myself), but as you say, it’s really funny and going to be an enjoyable watch so those people are missing out.

    Oh, and blue is best boy :D

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