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Fight For Your Rights | To Your Eternity Episode 14

The tournament has begun! To Your Eternity has taken things up a notch, as the danger level is more intense than it has ever been in the series. Jananda Island is so lawless that even in the tournament as the announcer is announcing the rules, someone in the audience gets sick of him talking and decides to take the dude out with an arrow through the head. Such is the state of affairs in Jananda, a former prison island that devolved into a lawless colony where slaves and prisoners are dumped from the mainland kingdoms.

Fushi decides to enter the tournament in order the win the freedom of Pioran, but things take a turn once the people realise he is immortal. Many on the island begin to worship Fushi as some kind of god, which confuses him. The children he had met in the previous episode continue to try and manipulate Fushi for reasons that remain a mystery, but we know that they had grown up in the lawless island and, as such, they are numb to the brutality that surrounds them constantly.

In a weird scene, we realise that the soldier woman Hayase from the beginning of the series that had killed March is actually still alive and on Jananda island. More strange is that she sneaks up on a sleeping Fushi and licks his face for some reason. It seems she is well and truly mental now and likely deeply obsessed with Fushi.

A lot of the mystery here is whether the kids on the island are being honest with Fushi. The main girl, Tonari, certainly seems to have an ulterior motive to say the least. She claims she wants to leave the island but it seems counteractive to her actions of luring Fushi and Pioran to the island to begin with. So I am going to hold out judgement until we see what she is really up to.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the episode is that Fushi seems to gain more understanding of his transformation ability, learning how to turn into a mole at one point, and in the tournament—after remembering Parona from earlier in the series—he is able to transform into her and use her fighting abilities in his tournament fight. This indicates that encountering a person or being is enough now for him to transform into them, not just having to be there or be affected at the time of their death. I’m curious what this development means for the series going forward, to say the very least.


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