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Extended Teaser Trailer For New “Dragon Ball Z” 2015 Film Is Pretty Damn Heavy


“The worst wish in history. Now, despair begins.” is the quote that ends the newly-released teaser trailer for the upcoming ‘Dragon Ball Z’ movie which has no title as of right now but has been simply referred to as ‘Dragon Ball Z 2015’ by fans and reporters. Not surprising in any way, this new ‘DBZ’ movie has piqued the interest of many Anime fans around the world.

Series creator Akira Toriyama has previously come out and explained to the masses that he will be spending a great deal of his time over the coming year focused on the production of the film. It will feature a storyline he originally wanted to showcase in the original run of the Manga/Anime but which unfortunately fell to the wayside. This has gotten many people excited, simply knowing the legendary Mangaka will have as much ‘pull’ as humanly possible in regards to this new film. Others, however, only wish to ‘badmouth’ the industry loyal and focus strictly on the few failures of his career rather than the countless successes.

The powers at be today released an extended teaser trailer for the film and although it shows but one character (Shenron) and absolutely no fighting or storyline, it does come with a level of gravitas only a ‘DBZ’ trailer can achieve. The ‘Dragon Ball Z’ 2015 movie is set for a theatrical release next year as a part of the ‘Golden Week’ celebrations over in Japan.


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