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Explosive Gel | My Hero Academia Episode 97

And boom goes the dynamite.

Extra! Extra! This just in: Bakugo can work well with others! Yep, it’s the shock of the century, folks. Well, everybody certainly acts like it is. Now, to be fair, Bakugo is a bit of a loud jerk…who acts selfishly and uses the force of his personality to draw others into working to support him. You know what? Everybody is kinda right: this is breaking news. We’ve seen Bakugo mature slightly in his relationship with Midoriya—coming to accept him as a legitimate “friendly” rival—but this is the first time we’ve seen his heroic impulses so openly displayed. I mean, he’s still a bit of a jerk about it, but his notion of a “total victory” now includes the safety of his teammates; that’s a big change. Enough of a change that Class 1-B was entirely flummoxed. Bakugo’s exploits also showed how, with a little tempering, his unyielding bravado can serve as quite the morale boost for his allies. We all know that Bakugo is dangerous and confident to a fault; imagine how good you’d feel knowing that all of that was pointed at your opponent.

I also want to give a shout out to Jiro and Sero—two of my personal favourite characters. They’re not the flashiest of 1-A, but their Quirks are fun and can have a real impact when used cleverly. Specifically, Sero restraining the separated pieces of Lizardy was a cool as it was funny and gross, and Jiro shattering a shield with sound was dope as heck. I still feel pretty bad for Sato, not just because I always have to look up what his name is, because his Quirk is probably the least unique in 1-A and 1-B. The dude is strong: that’s cool…so is Midoriya. I know that’s not the fairest comparison, but most other characters can also use their Quirks to perform insane feats of strength. Case in point, Iida literally tore up the ground with his jet-powered legs. True, super-speed isn’t the freshest idea, but the manner in which Iida achieves it makes it quirky. Sato powers up with sugar, that’s fun, but we’ve never really seen any quirk to his Quirk. Still, it managed to get me way off point; so, maybe that counts for something…but probably not.

P.S. I rescind some of my previous negativity towards Class 1-B, solely due to the existence of the Hero name Jack Mantis.


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