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Echoes of Life | To Your Eternity Episode 20

After spending most of its second cour exploring the darker side of humanity and the world at large, To Your Eternity chooses to end on a bittersweet yet hopeful note, focusing in on what ultimately has been the heart of the series in hindsight: the relationship between Pioran and Fushi.

Fushi, now free from the grips of Jananda Island and Hayase, has returned to the mainland and cannot decide whether it is best for him to stay out of Pioran’s life or not. He watches and cares for her from the shadows, before she discovers him despite being in the form of one of the girls from the island that she had never met. She recognised Fushi despite his appearance and, after a heartfelt reunion, Fushi decides that he wants to stay with Pioran.

Fushi concocts a plan in order to protect her from the Knokkers, determining that whenever he gets a warning from The Maker that they are approaching he will immediately take Pioran and leave for another location. He decides that he will go to sleep after Pioran and always wake up before her. For a while this plan works well and together they live peacefully away from civilisation. Pioran muses to Fushi that if she could have any wish it would be to be young again. She asks Fushi what his wish would be? Fushi isn’t so sure.

Things unfortunately take a turn for the worse, as they often do when things seem to be going well in To Your Eternity, and Pioran in her old age begins suffering from dementia. She is struggling to remember things; becoming more and more forgetful and erratic. Fushi is having difficulty understanding why this is happening but remains resolute in his desire to care for Pioran to the bitter end.

And so that bitter end does ultimately come. Pioran tells Fushi she is thankful to have met him. As Fushi is off doing his tasks for the day, Pioran speaks directly to The Maker. She asks The Maker to allow her to be reborn as something useful to Fushi. The Maker tells her that he will do so but he will have to pluck her away before she ascends to Paradise. For Fushi, she will do it.

The next thing we see is Pioran restored to her youth, walking along the beach, her wish seemingly granted. She turns to see The Maker and approaches him without hesitation. She slowly ages to her current self and is absorbed in the Orb held by The Maker, her essence becoming one with Fushi.

Fushi returns to find Pioran had passed away. He lets out a cry of grief and curls up on the ground. He has no one left. Everyone he had ever known has lived and died and yet only he remains, the one tasked with carrying their memory in a way as a testament that they lived—echoes of life.

The Maker tells us that countless decades have passed since that time and we see the a more grown looking Fushi had continued living alone and seemingly fighting off the Knokkers that approached him there. He continues to ponder what he wishes to do with his life, and we are told by a title card that season two will air in Fall of 2022.

All in all, I must say that To Your Eternity has been a truly beautiful series. It has had its ups and downs, to be sure, but the story that it has told and the emotional resonance of it is very authentic and I, for one, eagerly await the next season. Fushi has proven to be a great character, and his tragic journey through time is one I won’t soon forget.


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