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Dragon Ball Z 2015 Will Bring With it A Familiar Face


Be careful what you wish for…


That’s right Dragon Ball Z fans…he’s back. One of the most iconic foes that Goku has ever faced. The former Tyrant of countless worlds, the destroyer of the Saiyans, the villain who showed us that one transformation just isn’t enough: Freeza.

When two of Freeza’s henchman, who have somehow survived unnoticed since the Tyrant’s fall, reappear, they bring with them a plan. A plan which honestly isn’t that special in the world of DBZ, but if it works it works. Sorbet and Togama, the henchman, gather up the once difficult to locate Dragon Balls and make the worst wish in history…like as in bad for everyone, that kind of worst. Because let’s face it, Zarbon wishing for eternal beauty without immortality was a pretty big slip up…


Apparently, Akira Toriyama is also a fan of the band Maximum the Hormone, as it was when listening to their song “F” that he decided to name the film Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F. Which is pretty awesome, considering that the band has stated that “F” is actually a song about the viallain himself. Now who else is hoping that it’s used as the film’s theme song? I know I am.


The should’ve stayed hidden…



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