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“Digimon Adventure” Is On It’s Way Back With A New Anime Series In The Works


Now, OK, I’m kind of shaking while writing this right now but I’m going to try my best to keep as much composure as possible. It’s going to be hard though because this is downright the greatest news I’ve heard for quite some time. Avid ‘Digimon’ fans may be aware that this year marks the 15th anniversary of the ‘Digimon’ franchise.

As celebration for this momentous occasion, we seen a few awesome ‘Digimon-centric’ releases, one of which being an actual re-release of the original ‘Digimon Adventure’ ‘Digivices’ which have been upgraded ever so slightly to bring audiences a new experience while also allowing them to tap into the deep seeded nostalgia that comes with it. Yesterday an event was held for the anniversary of the franchise where it was announced that plans to make an Anime series that will continue on from the story of the first season of ‘Digimon Adventure’ are already in the works.

This series is set for a release in the Spring of next year and will star a seventeen year old Taichi ‘Tai’ Kamiya who is currently in highschool. The new series was described as having a brand-new story that will feature all of the original ‘Digimon’ characters we’ve come to know and love. As a sign of good faith and just to get fans even more excited, a teaser trailer for the new series was debuted and we’ve got it right here on SnapThirty.


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