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Dash and Burn | My Hero Academia Episode 96

Striking while the steel is hot.

It’s that time again, Academia nuts, when the environment explodes into cubes and characters blur into smears. And it’s just as awesome as ever. I’ve always been a fan of super speed, so watching Iida cut loose is quite a sight to behold. Plus, he’s got that whole too-fast-to-turn thing going on, which is neat. Sure, sure, being able to control his Quirk would be top, but seeing him dash and ricochet around the battlefield is just so…exciting. Also, it counters Mudman’s ability to soften the ground, which has literally bogged down the fight for two episodes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool Quirk, but boy does it overshadow everything else. Every single second is spent wondering when the ground will melt and interrupt a cool moment—which it almost always does. Also, Pony straight up stabs Ojiro. Yeah it’s in his tail, but still: this inter-class class has consistently made me question U.A. High. This is possibly also due to the fact that I don’t really care about 1-B, and their overpowering of 1-A seems to undermine the fact that the main cast have actually fought real Villains. That being said…

Todoroki, dude, you gotta get some therapy. Every time we delve into his head, Todoroki is reliving some beating that Endeavour laid down. Also, Endeavour, you should probably be in gaol or something, because you beat up your kid. I mean, this is a society where students are constantly put in life-or-death situations, so…that might be more like a finable offence. Damn, Hero society might actually be pretty messed up… Anyway, shelving that for another day, ol’ Todoroki is back to testing/pushing his firepower, burning hot enough to set Tetsutetsu on fire. Does this mean Todoroki can definitely kill a person who isn’t composed of steel strong enough to survive an oven? Yes. Definitely. Endeavour killed a High-End Nomu and, by his own flashback admission, Todoroki is an upgrade of him. These kids are, just, so damn powerful. Todoroki set an industrial area (and a guy) on fire, Iida knocked a guy out with one punch, Mudman can melt the earth and swim in it…Ojiro has a tail. One can only dream of what will happen when they all learn to control their Quirks to the fullest… Pain. It’ll probably be pain to whoever they fight. Pain and burns. Pain and burns and pebbles in their shirts from softened debris that re-solidified.

P.S. The match was a draw. I mean, that’s kinda important; but, let’s be honest, we’re all just waiting until Midoriya’s match—maybe Bakugo’s. This is all just the warm up.


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