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Dai-Shogun – Great Revolution Licensed By Sentai Filmworks


It’s like history, but sexier…and with robots

Do you enjoy mechs clashing in combat? Are you a fan of general nobodies who rise to the rank of hero? How about ninjas? Series that will soon be available via digital sources, with a physical release set to come? Well has Sentai Filmworks got the series for you.

In the land of the rising sun the horizon is darkened by a fleet of black ships from foreign soil. Just when it seems that all hope is lost ancient mecha of unknown origins appear, pushing back the black ships and forever altering the course of history. Thus, the timeline splits and a new Japan is born, one free of modernization and foreign influence. In this country secluded from the world, an energetic young man known as Keiichiro Tokugawa faces off with his greatest enemy- boredom. Keiichiro yearns to leave behind his life at the family bathhouse and prove himself as a real man once and for all. But can a virgin who breaks out in hives at the faintest touch of a woman really become a hero for his nation? Especially when he’s surrounded by beautiful women at every turn, from his family’s striking shinobi servant, Kiriko, to the feisty fugitive half-fox, Chiharu. Keiichiro’s dream of a life of action and adventure is about to be fulfilled- in a very big way! Witness the dawn of a new era in Dai Shogun – Great Revolution!


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