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‘Cross Ange’ mecha anime from the people behind ‘Gundam SEED’ and ‘Valvrave’ looks awesome


Sunrise’s upcoming mecha anime Cross Ange may very well be the most anticipated anime series of Fall 2014 when you consider its pedigree.

The staff for the series is composed of former Valvrave and Gundam SEED staff, both of which are renowned as two of the most ground breaking mecha in anime history. Gundam SEED taking the Gundam franchise into new terrain, whereas Valvrave tore down mecha conventions and anime tropes at every turn.

So what does that mean for Cross Ange? Well it has some huge boots to fill, but if its trailer is anything to go by, it looks to be awesome. The series follows the character of Ange, a girl who must pilot a mecha to fight against dragons among other enemies. Full details of the story are still relatively scarce at this time but more details are sure to arise closer to the premiere of the series. Check out the trailer below:

The staff for Cross Ange includes Mitsui Fukuda as creative director, Yoshiharu Ashinu as director and Tatsuto Higuchi working on the story composition.

Design work is being handled by Sayaka Ono, Yusuke Matsuo, Junichi Akutsu, Kazutaka Miyatake and Kurogin, making a huge collaborative effort on the visuals of this series.

The score is being composed by Akiko Shikata and Nana Mizuki and Eri Kitamura and performing the opening and ending themes for the series respectively.

Stay tuned for more information on Cross Ange as it surfaces. The anime is set to launch in October 2014, no exact date has been set yet for the Sunrise mecha production.


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