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Countdown Begins for New Yu-Gi-Oh! Film Project


Who are these mysterious figures?

Yu-Gi-Oh!, an anime that showed a generation that card games are not limited to blackjack and poker…though considering kids were watching it they probably shouldn’t have known about those games anyway. 52 pick-up, that’s an innocent one. It showed people that card games are not limited to 52 pick-up. Anyway, it’s looking like some members of the original series are on their way back into our lives, with the announcement that a new film project is in the works. A teaser site has revealed a countdown set to end on December 14th (Pacific Standard Time).

No word yet on what the project will actually detail, but we won’t have to wait too long until the truth is revealed. I’m excited. Are you excited? If you are, why not keep an eye on the countdown site? I know I will. I mean, I’ll do other things to, but I’ll still keep an eye on it.


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