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Childhood End | My Hero Academia Episode 111

…like your heart is breaking.

Well…that was…I mean…that was a lot. I never thought that Shigaraki had the happiest childhood, what with his penchant for wearing disembodied hands as accessories, but I didn’t expect that he accidentally disintegrated his entire family—pet dog included—in a handful of seconds. Oh, this is also after his father made a habit of locking him outside for even thinking about becoming a Hero. So…yeah. I mean, I get it, Shigaraki’s father had deep-seated anger and abandonment issues after his mother died in the line of Hero work, but there’s got to be a better way to convey the simple fact that being a Hero is dangerous and can negatively affect those around you. Hang on, maybe just saying those things in a single sentence? Did you try that one, Shigaraki’s father who is now dead and though I realise that’s still messed up and sad I am definitely less sad that you died compared to the other members of the family? I’m thinking no, otherwise your son wouldn’t have taken a slight as simple as his sister ratting him out to avoid trouble as the final straw that shattered the very foundation of his being and his faith in humanity, compassion, and fairness. So, probably should’ve just had that conversation…you jerk.

Keeping this grim train a-rollin’—because this whole episode is about as dark as MHA gets—seeing a child manifest a ludicrously dangerous Quirk is horrifying. Though the danger Quirks pose to society has been a pretty prevalent theme through a few arcs, the danger they can pose to their wielder has been less so—at least not in this way. Most of our exposure to this concept has been through Midoriya, a teenager who willing accepted the burdens of One For All after undergoing extensive training; imagine if he was born with the Quirk. Imagine Mama Midoriya seeing her child playing in a park…and then his limbs explode. It’s a very real possibility in this world. Uraraka could’ve floated away when her parents weren’t looking; Tokoyami could’ve been overtaken by Dark Shadow; Kaminari could’ve electrocuted his family (in the real meaning of the word); even Shinso could’ve accidentally commanded someone into a deadly situation. Our main cast damn near kill themselves and they’re fairly adept at using they’re Quirks; the earlier possibilities are just…mortifying. Still, does this give Shigaraki a free pass for mayhem and wanton destruction? No. Hell no. But, the failings of Hero society constantly being called into question does show that, maybe, just maybe, there would be a lot less Villains if one bad deed didn’t label someone a Villain with a capital V.

P.S. Case in point of Quirks not being inherently good or evil: Twice can use Double for the purpose of blood transfusion. Very helpful.


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