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Cairo Calling | Digimon Ghost Game Episode 2

Digimon Ghost Game can’t seem to decide whether it wants to go all in on being a horror anime or a fun children/shonen series, and as such feels like it is still yet to carve out a clear identity for itself. It both seems to want to distance itself from the concepts of the Digimon franchise’s past but also simultaneously can’t let itself get truly free of the Digimon formula.

Following on from last week, Hiro is continuing to care for the cute partner Digimon bestowed upon his by his father. Gammamon is a hungry boy and keeps demanding Hiro to feed him. As he goes about town feeding Gammamon, we learn that people are able to see Digimon and Hiro covers for this by saying that Gammamon is an AI Hologram—which is apparently an ubiquitous part of this future society.

The villain this week is Mummymon, who has been kidnapping and mummifying innocent civilians alive at the Egyptian museum that for some reason exists in Hiro’s hometown. Hiro and Gammamon eventually cross paths with Mummymon after Hiro decides to investigate about the “Digital World” and where exactly his father is. So he follows the chatter about people going missing at the Egyptian museum and, with ease, finds Mummymon.

Naturally, a battle ensues with Hiro being wrapped like a mummy and Mummymon casually spraying bullets at all the other corpses he had wrapped, but thankfully Gammamon digivolves in time to save the day—turning into Metelgammamon (yes “Metel” not “Metal”). He hits his big move on Mummymon, and then Hiro tells him he is being a naughty boy and Mummymon says sorry and goes away.

Overall, I felt like this was not a great follow up to last week’s debut episode for Ghost Game. This episode felt like a nothing-happening kind of episode despite seeing Gammamon digivolve for the first time. That said, the post-credits scene seems to hint that we will meet a girl who has her own partner Digimon as well next week. So lets see where that takes us. All in all, I’d like to see Ghost Game commit a bit more to its horror genre and feature a bit more narrative structure than the main character just going to wherever the bad Digimon is just because.


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