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But Once a Year | My Hero Academia Episode 101

Eat, drink, and be rowdy.

It’s Christmas! Well, not really, not here in the real world, but it is in the not-exactly-real-but-we-wish-it-was world. Though not the crux of the episode, it’s still nice to see the 1-A crew having some fun. I mean, the fighting is cool and all, but all work and no play makes people go a little batty—which is probably particularly bad in a world of Quirks. Regardless, the crew has a merry old time and parties hearty…while Narrator Midoriya ominously mulls over the tragedies looming on the horizon. Fun. Still, we know some serious business is up ahead since the head honchos of Hero society have decreed that work experience is now mandatory. Though an excuse to get our cast back into some cool action sequences, I like that the teachers of U.A. discuss the reasons behind the decision. They know there must be some terrible threat, they know that society is about to need every able body it can get, they know that they’re throwing their students into peril…but they don’t exactly have a choice. It’s…it’s pretty dark.

Flipping to the more light-hearted aspects of this series, Mt. Lady makes a surprise appearance, along with Midnight, to teach the students about camera presence (and also to fan service the hell out of their introduction, because anime). Though initially appearing a vain as ever, Mt. Lady actually reveals some character development, expressing how a Hero’s confidence and charm during television appearances can calm the public, warn off Villains, and allow other Heroes to consider them for team ups. The whole situation is still played for laughs—with Midoriya freezing up to the point that Kirishima wonders if he also has Hardening, and Bakugo’s…Bakugo-ness—but knowing there’s a method to the madness puts a fun, new spin on things. Speaking of madness, it looks like the work studies will see Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki all working with Endeavour…and that can only go well…right?

P.S. Shigaraki destroyed and entire town.

P.P.S. Shigaraki wasn’t wearing his hand-mask.

P.P.P.S. Did I mention that Shigaraki destroyed and entire town?

P.P.P.P.S. 1-A all have individualised pom-poms on their Santa hats…it’s adorable.


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