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Brotherhood and Family | To Your Eternity Episode 7

It looks like Fushi may be entering into a period of peacetime following his dangerous encounter with the monster in the woods in the previous episode. We learned a lot about the Maker of Fushi and the behind the scenes omnipotent beings pulling the strings, but things slow down a bit now as Fushi meets the curious young boy named Gugu.

Gugu is a poor boy living in a small tent on a hill with his elder brother. He makes money by working the fields and selling fruit and vegetables in the town marketplace. It’s a small yet simple existence. Both Gugu and his elder brother watch out at a mansion beyond the hills and dream of a different life. Despite their struggles, Gugu admires his older brother, and as long as they have each other they will be alright. Then he returns one day to find his elder brother has taken all of their money and hit the bricks. Gugu is devastated.

What unfolds next is a moment that could only be described as the wheels of fate turning. Gugu saves a young wealthy maiden who had shown him kindness at the marketplace earlier; as a massive log has begun rolling down hill, he pushes her out of the way but winds up having the log crush his head. He is discovered and saved by a quirky old man who repairs his face, but Gugu—horrified by his “ugly” appearance—decides to permanently don a mask.

Eventually, Fushi and the old woman rock up and Gugu and Fushi quickly build a brotherly relationship, with Gugu taking on the elder brother role and teaching Fushi about life and the world around them. You can see that Gugu wants to be the elder brother his own blood brother wasn’t able to be for him. This is somewhat reminiscent of March taking on the mother role with Fushi—a role she would not live to fulfil otherwise.

The episode ends with the young maiden appearing and encountering Gugu and Fushi; however, she has no recollection of Gugu, likely because he now obscures his face with a mask/helmet. It’s evident this is the beginning of the next story arc and, judging by the pattern that seems to be forming, I’m somewhat concerned for the well-being of Gugu, since he may as well be wearing a red shirt at this point. I’d like to be surprised though, so let’s see what direction they take.


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