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Better Late than Never – Tekken 7 Heading to PS4


Lucky number Tekken

Fans of battle and side oriented cameras rejoice! The long standing franchise known as Tekken is bringing its seventh installment to the home, if you own a PS4 that is. Launched for Japanese arcades way back in February 2015, skepticism was certainly a prevalent attitude regarding export…or it wasn’t. Really depends on your personal perception, metaphorical glasses, how full/empty they are. All that existential jazz.

Back on topic, the Unreal 4 Engine using, 1v1 combat having, Mishima Zaibatsu/G Corporation conflict ending game is as of yet sans release date, though Project Tekken Leader Katsuhiro Harada has stated, “It’s coming. I told you to wait!” So yeah,you are officially obligated to hold your excitement.

Hervé Hoerdt (VP of Marketing & Digital at Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe) took a slightly more verbose route, stating:

“For its 20th Anniversary, our Tekken brand has seen a massive success on Arcades thanks to Tekken 7, but also on mobile gaming with Tekken Card Tournament. Our wish is to pursue this successful route and explore new opportunities with the game’s arrival on home systems!”

Though no concrete information has been released regarding the release date or the exclusive content said to come with the PS4 version, it has also been said that Tekken 7 will be compatible with the upcoming Playstation VR, which is neat. Feel free to hypothesise about the future of gaming, or at least what it’ll be like to beat people up in a reality more virtual than this one.


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