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Back in Action | My Hero Academia Episodes 89–91

Class 1-A, assemble!

MHA is back, baby. So excited by this fact was I, that I neglected to write about it for three weeks. Chalk it up to pure, unadulterated excitement…or the fact that I was busy. Regardless, I’m talking about it now. So…let’s skip the first episode. Not the most heartening of opening statements, but the kick-off for this season was essentially a re-introduction to the main cast. We’re closing in on triple-digit episodes, we know who they are. Who we don’t know are the previous holders of One For All. It would seem that Midoriya has surpassed expectations once more, as he has now developed connection with his Quirk beyond what even All Might had achieved. Via a dream/vision, Midoriya learns that the original holder of One For All was actually All For One’s younger brother: a frail man who vehemently rejected his older brother’s worldview. Though we’ve always know these two prominent Quirks are destined to clash, it’s pretty interesting to see just how linked they are. Heck, All For One is seen giving his brother the Quirk, as he was born without one of his own. Fraternal rivalry aside, what interested me the most was seeing how a younger All For One used charisma to acquire allies: using his own Quirk to empower those who desired strength and free those from Quirks they didn’t want. It’s a damn fine way to show how this Villain has walked his way through history, whilst also expressing how the tumultuous society created from the appearance of Quirks facilitated him. I mean, the only thing that really impacted AFO’s presence is All Might punching his face off…

Cranial obliteration aside, our third episode deals with the return of Class 1-B. Like, all of them. As is MHA‘s wont, it seems we’re delving into another training arc, with 1-A and 1-B clashing directly. Although, as it so often is, attention is directed away from 1-B and towards an unexpected competitor: Shinso. Remember, the kid what has Brainwashing? Well, he wants to switch to the Hero course and joining the fray is his ticket in. What interests me the most about this development is that Aizawa seems to have taken a mentor role with Shinso. Though we only saw them together briefly, the fact that the Shinso/Aizawa duo met the Midoriya/All Might duo seems intentional. Also, Shinso has some of Aizawa’s Binding Cloth—implying a more involved mentor/mentee relationship. From my own supposition, I figure that Aizawa relates to a kid whose Quirk seems to possess an inherent darkness. That’s part of what I love about this series: flipping expectations and also exploring why expectations needed to be flipped. Shinso isn’t a bad guy, people just assumed he would use his Quirk for mischief and evil. Heck, it’s this societal pressure that All For One manipulated in his youth, gaining power by appealing to the mistreated and abandoned—as we learn from Midoriya’s dream/vision/history lesson. Though a dark aspect of this series’ world, it is one that I fear will only become more prevalent as the story unfolds. You know, to supplement the punching…because there will probably be a lot of punching…maybe even a few kicks.

P.S. Without trying to sound sociopathic, watching the…complicated family dynamic of the Todorokis was rather interesting. The fact that each member has a unique manner of coping with what has happened in their lives shows a true sense of character and a strong sense of writing for the series. I hope it all works out, but it’s nice to see different perspectives are being presented. Endeavour messed up bad; he doesn’t get to will that away with a heel–face turn.

P.P.S. It feels a little weird to reveal the truth of Hawks phony double-cross so quickly. Unless…is the series faking us out? Are you, Hawks, merely pretending to be pretending to be evil? How deep does this rabbit hole go? How deep do normal rabbit holes go? Deep enough to warrant an idiom, I would assume, but I don’t actually know. Do you know, Hawks? Am I talking directly to an anime character? When did that happen? How deep does this rabbit hole go?

P.P.P.S. Togata’s acting in the first episode is the high point of perhaps all anime ever. Just look at him float down that river “in peril”. He’s just the most lovable marshmallow.

P.P.P.P.S. Shinso’s Persona Cords are awesome, in both design and funtion.

P.P.P.P.P.S. …I don’t have anything else to say, I just wanted to see how many postscripts I could put on this thing.


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