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Astro Boy Reboot Receives First Promotional Image


The Amazing (new) Astro Boy

No you didn’t read that wrong, Astro Boy is getting a reboot. Now, this raises two distinct bases of fan: those looking forward to seeing anew instalment in one of anime’s most classic franchises and those who believe it should be left alone. But whatever your stance, you’ll have to wait a little longer to formulate your opinion because we have but one image at this point in time.

Set to be a 2D/3D visual mix, the series has permission to depart from the original and create its own original story, a first for new Astro Boy media. As such, a few new characters are set to join the series along with, “positive things from the past version,” as stated by Cedric Biscay, founder of Shibuya Productions (the company behind the reboot).

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