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Assassination Classroom Anime in the Works? UPDATE: Confirmed!

assassination-classroomAssassination Classroom is a popular action comedy manga running in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and it very well could be becoming an anime series if a domain registration is anything to go by.

On the 22nd of June, a domain was registered under the name Given that Assassination Classroom is titled Anatsu Kyoshitsu in Japanese, this could very well be a sign that the manga could be getting an anime adaptation.

The series follows an unkillable extraterrestrial invading Earth an tasking a high school class to assassinate him within 1 year otherwise he will destroy the world. It is an unique series in the Weekly Shonen Jump line-up and has gained quite a following.

With an OVA pilot already having been released as Jump Festa last year, it gives added weight to the possibility of a full-fledged series. So could Assassination Classroom be in line for an anime adaptation? Probably.

UPDATE: The anime adaptation has been confirmed through a leak of next week’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Thanks @newsmangajapon.


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