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Asking for a Friend – Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode Fifteen) – Season’s Writings

From now until the end of time.

You know, I have to wonder how much of this interaction was planned. Was Itadori’s entrance exam revelation about his fondness for Jennifer Lawrence the origin, or was Toudou created as an afterthought to bring that statement home? Either way, it’s pretty funny. The fact that Toudou immediately forges a deep (and fictional) bond with anyone who shares his taste in women completely derails the entire “kill Itadori” subplot and sends us…somewhere. Is it strange? Yes. But it is an unexpected payoff to a seemingly random character trait—that being Toudou’s need to ask men what their type is—that actually matters. I’d say it could be seen as a weakness of Toudou’s, shifting his allegiance at the drop of a hat, but something tells me he can sense if his opponent truly means what he says…somehow. Regardless, Itadori passed Toudou’s test and is seemingly set to receive some manner of training from his new best friend. I’m also curious to see said training, by the way, since Toudou’s declaration that Divergent Fist is a “wrong” technique directly contradicts Gojou’s assessment. Although, taking lessons from Toudou might work well for Itadori, seeing as they share a similar style of fighting; something tells me Itadori isn’t really the Gojou-skill-using type.

Apart from the will-they-won’t-they-kill-each-other fight between Itadori and Toudou, this episode shows us glimpses of the other Kyoto students. It’s not much, but it’s something…okay, it’s really nothing. Most of this episode was the Itadori and Toudou show, with the supporting cast either trying to kill or protect the latter. We know that the girl with the broom can fly around like a witch; we know that Miwa uses sword techniques and definitely doesn’t want to kill Itadori; we know that Toudou can clap and cause two people to instantaneously switch places with each other. That’s about it. But hey, I’m sure these folks will do something soon enough; so, cut ’em some slack. Except for the archery dude who immediately went 110% in on killing Itadori. Screw that guy.

P.S. The joke segment at the end of the episode revealed that Gojou was kinda into Miwa who, in turn, fangirls every time she sees him. Let this be real. They’re adorable, and I want them to be happy.


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