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Arigatou | To Your Eternity Episode 3

Through the countless connections we make in our lives, we learn and we grow. Connection is one of our core instincts and desires. This week’s episode of To Your Eternity explored the way the connections that the immortal being has made has influenced its growth and evolution. In particular, we see how the connection it had made with the rambunctious little girl March had impacted it.

After fleeing from her ritual sacrifice and encountering the being, March is eventually found by the soldiers tasked with carrying out the ritual and—resigning herself to her fate—she farewells the being which had, in a way, become her surrogate child: the child she will never get to have. Her dream of becoming a grown up and, one day, a mother are dashed as she is soon to be sacrificed.

As it turns out, the beast that she is to be sacrificed to is, in fact, the bear that had repeatedly attacked and killed the being in the prior episode. Once March had been taken and placed upon the sacrificial stage, the bear once again appears. Parona (the woman who had desperately tried to save March) appears once again, only to be launched into the distance by the bear’s colossal paw. Things look truly bleak for March until the being rocks up and protects her from the bear.

The being jumps in and is torn to shreds, but is instantly regenerating now. It continues to fight and fight for March and even transforms back into its wolf form from the first episode. It fights over and over, refusing to let March be harmed, and ultimately manages to take the bear down.

The soldiers are in a state of shock and consider this all to be some kind of divine intervention from God and choose to let March and Parona be free, with the caveat that they will inform the villagers of March’s death via the sacrifice and the two will never return there. Thankful to the being, March once again gives it a pear to eat as she had done earlier when it was near death due to starvation. The being eats the pear and, still in the form of a wolf, turns to March and says, “Arigatou.”

The connection formed between the being and March is a truly sweet one, and I’m curious what happens next from here. I presume the being will continue to connect with other people and learn more and more, little by little. The way the being defended March here was a true sight to behold and reminds us that kindness and compassion may be the purest form of sincere connection there is.


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