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Anime Exp 2014: Sentai Filmworks Announcements


Anime aplenty!

During Anime Expo 2014, Sentai Filmworks held its annual panel, divulging a number of new announcements regarding new licenses and new releases. To keep things current, Sentai announced that they acquired a total of seven anime from the Summer season. They are as follows:

In addition to this, Sentai also announced the acquisitions of NouCome, Yuisibu and Chaika -The Coffin Princess. Limited edition boxsets were also promised for Highschool of the Dead, Beyond The Boundary and Love Chuunibyou and Other Delusions. Log Horizon, Stella Class C3, Tari Tari and Natsuyuki Rendevous will also round out the November release slate. However, on a slightly more negative note, Sentai did confirm that it would not include the Director’s Cut of the Gatchaman CROWDS finale in the forthcoming home video release of the series set for this September.

So there you have it folks, plenty to keep you entertained during the Summer season and much more still on it’s way. Sure it’s a shame about the Gatchaman release, but just focus on everything that Sentai is bringing your way. You’ll feel much better. Trust me.


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