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An Unknowable Enemy | To Your Eternity Episode 9

After what has been a period of relative downtime for the series, it looks like we are well and truly about to see things kick into gear once again. While this week’s episode largely revolves around the developing relationships between Gugu, Fushi, and Rean, it’s the climactic return of the “unknowable enemy” that truly shakes up the status quo the show has been building.

Through a bit of backstory, we see that Rean and Gugu had lead complete polar opposite lives. Rean was always doted on by hired help in her family’s mansion estate, whereas Gugu spent his years as an orphan working as hired help for the rich never truly knowing a family of his own.

There are some sweet moments where the two bond over their respective wounds. Things quickly get out of control, however, as Rean’s family have finally come to find her—after we learn she had run away from home to live with Gugu and Fushi at the brewery. Just as it seems our heroes may have avoided capture, an onslaught of danger suddenly sends this episode into a darker terrain.

The Maker suddenly appears before Fushi and criticises him for having learned nothing in his time here—warning him to proceed with caution from here. Fushi fails to do so and the “unknowable enemy” returns, leaving Fushi bloody and laying in a precarious position. The situation becomes more dire as Gugu runs to Fushi’s aid, unaware of the otherworldly being that has just slain his perhaps not-so-immortal brother.

The episode concludes in this shocking fashion with The Maker watching on as Fushi and Gugu must somehow survive an attack from this relentless foe. Waiting for the next episode of this show always feels like an eternity and with things heating up like this it is even more so.


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