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An Unexpected Twist of Fate | To Your Eternity Episode 13

Having concluded the emotional and often times devastating Gugu Arc, To Your Eternity completely shifts gears—with the danger turned up to eleven—but it isn’t the Knokkers that are the only threat to Fushi. Perhaps even more dangerous are cold-hearted humans.

After leaving the village and moving on to retrieve the memory of March that the Knokkers had stolen from him, Fushi finds himself reluctantly accompanied once more by Pioran, his longest-serving companion. The old woman reflects she had regrets about her life and wants to use her final days doing something meaningful, which she believes is helping Fushi on his journey.

Fushi decides that, in his current state, he is too weak to face the Knokkers and needs to train to become stronger. Pioran suggests going to a location free of people to prevent any collateral damage should the Knokkers try to attack. Fushi agrees, and so they set out for an island off the shore. However, they wind up swindled onto the wrong boat by slavers and things take a dark turn.

They are taken to the dangerous prison island of Jananda. Fushi escapes from the clutches of the slavers, but Pioran is now being held captive. The children of the island inform Fushi that there is a way to get her freedom; that is to partake in a tournament where the winner is granted their wish.

I was not expecting this series to take a shift into the territory of a tournament arc, but what better way for Fushi to become stronger? That said, something tells me this doesn’t look good for old lady Pioran. Here is hoping Fushi can overcome the trials of Jananda Island.

I welcome the change of pace to more action and drama because I think there is only so much emotional devastation I can take. This twist of fate for Fushi has potential to take the series into some very intriguing destinations.


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