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A World of Pain | To Your Eternity Episode 16

Just when you thought that To Your Eternity couldn’t hurt you anymore, episode sixteen comes rolling around—delivering us the darkest depths that the series has gone to yet. Things seemed to be getting back on track and heading into a more positive direction after the successful encounter with the Knokker in the previous episode, but a familiar face from the past rocks up to introduce Fushi to a world of pain.

We start out this week’s episode with Fushi finally relenting and allowing the children of Jananda into his circle; giving them a measure of trust. Through this, we learn more about the girl Tonari and her past. She was taken to the island after her father was accused of killing her mother: imprisoned along with him. However, she held on to the belief that her father was innocent. That all changed after she saw him enter the tournament and his murderous tendencies were brutally exposed. Not long after that, her father was killed by some of the island folk and Tonari started living with the other orphaned children of the island.

As it turns out, a mysterious person had encouraged Tonari to trick Fushi and Pioran to go on the prison boat. That person is revealed in shocking fashion as Fushi’s final opponent in the tournament: it is none other that Hayase, the soldier woman from the beginning of the series who had killed March. It becomes quickly apparent that Hayase has an insane obsession with Fushi and is no longer mentally stable, in any sense of the word. Things really take a dark turn, however, when Hayase reveals that the form of Parona was her gift to Fushi. She reveals that she had returned to Ninnanah Village, slaughtered presumably countless village folk, before ultimately beheading a tied-up Parona—who died painfully as Hayase failed to take off her head on the first swing. Instead, it took a few swings, causing Parona to suffer painfully in her final moments.

Fushi, after learning this information, becomes absolutely incensed—as you can imagine—which allows Hayase to take advantage of his erratic state and tranquilise him, which leaves her crowned as the victor of the tournament and new ruler of the island. Tonari and the other children watch on in utter devastation.

This may be the lowest point of Fushi’s immortal life and, judging by next week’s preview, it’s about to get a lot worse, as Hayase looks to be taking in Fushi as what appears to be some kind of sex slave. I don’t know what to say other than, To Your Eternity, why must you hurt me so?


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