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A Real Nail-Fighter – Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode Twenty-Four) – Season’s Writings

She doesn’t even need the hammer…

Well, this episode just kicks all kinds of ass, doesn’t it? I’m pretty sure you could count how many times the audience blinks on one hand…you can count zero on one hand, right? The action kicks in immediately and it really never stops until that metaphorical bell rings. Even the villain’s gloating is swiftly ignored for a flurry of blows to the face: it’s awesome. What’s doubly awesome is that Kugisaki gets a chance to go all out and also make it to the end of a fight. Seriously, I feel like she always gets taken out before victory is assured. This time, however, she pulls some seriously metal moves and damn near intimidates her opponent into giving up. Okay, maybe the pain feedback loop had something to do with it, but ol’ Face-Back (the elder, though not oldest, of the curse brothers) wouldn’t have undone his technique had he not been convinced Kugisaki and Itadori could live up to their threats. Oh, Kugisaki uses her technique to ricochet Back-Face’s decomposition, causing all involved a tremendous amount of pain. Not sure if people weren’t aware what happened; figured I should explain just to be safe. Also, why are you reading this without having seen the episode? That’s not a slight against you, I just think you should watch it…because it’s awesome. Like how Itadori pulls off another Black Flash; you know, that super-duper rare move that most sorcerers never achieve? Yeah, that one. Damn this episode was cool.

…I’m going to keep talking about the fight. Normally I switch things up in the second paragraph, but whatever. Sukuna eats another finger and Gojo is planning a party and/or mission: that’s what happens after the fight. Anyway, back to the fight. Though I know animation isn’t a one-to-one indication of a series quality, Jujutsu Kaisen looks bonkers good. The sheer speed of the battle in this episode is insane, as is the fact that you never feel lost in the action: you know who’s doing what and why. This is also supported by the handy reminder that Sukuna, being the King of Curses and Deadly Poisons, gives Itadori a resistance to all forms of poison (which is what his opponent’s technique just happens to entail). On top of that, Kugisaki acknowledges that if a technique only bestows pain, Itadori will always power through: which is, like, metal as hell. It’s also a nice reminder that Kugisaki also respects Itadori as a sorcerer and acknowledges his strength, separate to that of Sukuna’s. Itadori returns this favour by trusting in Kugisaki to turn the battle in their favour with Resonance (her technique) and checking up with how she feels after their trying ordeal. It’s just cool to see characters who aren’t one-note caricatures of what Shonen posits “strong” means. I like them. And this series is dope as heck.

P.S. Itadori and Kugisaki’s definitive strikes on their opponents are synced to the soundtrack of the fight. I mean, do I have to say anything else? Because I will, if I haven’t made it clear just how awesome that is to watch….because it’s awesome to watch…you should watch it…have you watched it yet? If so, why did you stop reading this sentence, watch it, and then come back to finish reading this sentence? That’s weird…but it was awesome, right? I’m glad we agree…what was I writing about? Oh yeah, this series is cool.


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