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Pound of Applause – Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode Twenty) – Season’s Writings

A standing decimation.

Boom! Clap! The sound of a punch: the fight goes on and on and on and on and. Boom! Clap! Beset by petals and wood: switch out with me, switch out with them. And now that you’ve got that tune stuck in your head, let’s ruminate on the sheer spectacle of this episode (which is just pompous talk for, “Holy crap. Holy crap. Did you see how sweet this episode was?”) Not content with being a figurative brick wall made of literal muscle, Todo busts out his cursed technique: Boogie Woogie. But don’t let the name fool you, it is as awesome as it sounds. Long story short, this skill lets Todo swap places with a target—a fact he quickly lets Hanami know. He then uses this ability to rapidly switch places with Itadori, throwing Hanami off balance and allowing the best friend duo to pummel the special-grade into the dirt. The episode maintains this furious energy by slowly revealing the hidden depths of Boogie Woogie. Not only can Todo switch places with an opponent or ally, he can also cause two targets to swap with each other—allowing him to throw Hanami into danger whilst simultaneously saving Itadori. On top of that, Todo can also swap beings with inanimate objects, allowing him to trade Itadori for Maki’s three-sectioned staff and slap Hanami right good across the face. It’s such a simply explained ability, and yet it is used with such fluidity and creativity that an episode-long fight scene never lulls. It’s quite awesome.

The episode does bust out of fight city central every now and again, showing that Shrine Maiden Teacher comes across a bad guy with a real creepy sword (the hilt is a hand that holds his hand and was made by the other bad guy who turns people into furniture and, apparently, tools), Old Guy Jerk plays his guitar real loud at Crazy Furniture Guy, and Gojo straight up busted the dome designed to specifically keep only one being on the planet outside of it (that person being him). These asides are over rather quickly, however, Creep the Swordmaster legs it, Crazy furniture Guy has all of his limbs instantly destroyed by Gojo, and then Gojo carves a trail of destruction and possibly obliterates Hanami (via a technique known awesomely as Hollow Purple). It really makes you understand why the villains are so scared of this blindfolded bozo: he wrecks shop. Seriously, the guy turns up and everybody’s instinct is to run. Hanami murdered nature—hypocritically—to power an ultimate attack and then just stopped, immediately vying to leave. Even Itadori using Black Flash four times in a row—tying the record set by Nanami (though he claims his own success a fluke)—is completely overshadowed by Gojo simply existing. I do not want to see what could push him to use his full power…except that I do. Because that would be awesome to watch.


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