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A Grand Purpose | To Your Eternity Episode 6

Well this certainly turned out to be a truly eventful episode of To Your Eternity. Not only do we see Fushi make major progression as he learns to speak and communicate with the aid of the old woman he had previously encountered in the Yanome prison, but we also meet Fushi’s creator: the mysterious “Maker”. There was a lot to sink our teeth into with this week’s episode, and we get our first glimpse at the deeper plot at play with the Maker hinting at a grand purpose for Fushi.

The episode picks up with Fushi fleeing the Yanome and heading into the forest and meeting back up with Pioran, the old lady they saved from the prison in the prior episodes. After a bit of back and forth, Pioran begins teaching Fushi language. We then see a bit of a montage of their travels as Fushi learns more and more words and, ultimately, we see he becomes capable of conversation. This gives us a look into Fushi’s mind for the first time, with Fushi recounting his journey up until now and the impact of meeting the boy in the first episode and his desire to fulfil March’s dream to grow up.

The two travel across the sea at Pioran’s request, in order to return to her home village. However, upon landing they are confronted by a dangerous monster that seems to be the antithesis of Fushi. The monster appears to be made out of plant roots and violently stabs Fushi, absorbing some of the vessels and memories from within him. In the thick of the fight, a mysterious hooded figure appears before Fushi, guiding him to victory against the monster and to regain the different forms he had. After the battle, the hooded man informs Fushi that he is in fact the one who created him, and the monster he fought against was sent by another being whose goal is to prevent Fushi and the Maker from achieving their grand purpose.

The Maker vaguely explains that Fushi was created by him to, in a way, record the events of the world before “the end” arrives. It is very ominous to say the least, but it gives us an idea of the greater spiritual workings at play here. The Maker bids Fushi farewell for now and promises to meet him again. The episode ends with Fushi and Pioran returning to her hometown and meeting a strange boy with a bizarre helmet. It looks like we will get to know a bit more about him next week. As for this week, it was an awesome episode, to say the very least—with a great fight scene between Fushi and the monster—and we finally got some answers as to what exactly is going on with this immortal being that we know as Fushi. The thing that is lingering with me, however, is the Maker’s foreboding warning about “the end”. For now, let’s put a pin in that until future episodes.


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