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Electric-type Boogaloo – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 123

Everybody may want to be a Master and everybody may want to show their skill, but they are not all Ash Ketchum and lack the prerequisite marketability needed to warrant a movie deal. Also, they didn’t convince a whole generation that they “Gotta catch ’em all!” and that a world without Pokemon is a horrible fate one should not wish upon their worst enemies…even if their name is Gary (insert expletive) Oak. -30-

How the West Was Fun – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 121

Now, now, now, now once upon a time in the west, video games used to be primed for the west. Gamers wanted to escape to the west, free of any real violence and stress (which is scary). Grab the controller, slam the buttons, start fighting something. Dodge all the bad guys, slip on a mad guise. Bring your stats up, see all the killing you did. Draw your guns quick, playing around like Billy, kid.   -30-

Hero Tolerance – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 112

It must be tough being a superhero. All that pressure. All those expectations. To live up to an impossible standard and never once falter. That must be why they changed the requirements to simply: Beat the bad guy. Nowadays, a hero can level an entire city as long as a villain gets their comeuppance. Bonus points if said comeuppance includes a very violent impression of an owl. -30-

Combat-Based Turn – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 109

When the world stands against you and you find yourself on the cutting room floor, there is only one thing you can do: Become a battle manga. In this scenario you were a manga, heads up on that. If you’ve already done that, your best bet would be to just timeskip an indeterminate amount of years into a metropolitan future and have a bunch of children all at once. You are also a manga in this scenario. -30-

Future Sight – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 108

Since man first saw their image, reflected back to them on the surface of a still lake, they have pondered one simple question: How do I get cooler? Luckily, it was soon discovered that the answer was laser beam eyes and a wicked mad robot arm that could both crush boulders and perform a solid, yet not overbearing, handshake at job interviews and meetings with a significant other’s father. Science is still working on it, but its notes are promising. -30-

Horse Pitching – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 107

There comes a time in everybody’s life when they must stop and ask themselves one important question: “What would I do if a giant monster threw an entire horse at me?” The reality of finding the simple head of such a creature was captured on film years ago, but this? This is something different. Something terrifying. And all the discussions about adolescent ninjas and yellow brick roads in the world won’t keep that fear at bay…or it might. Can’t hurt to try. -30-

Boruto Action – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 106

The guys finally get around to talking about the new anime season this week and ponder what will fill their viewing schedules…and also what definitely won’t. There’s still a grey area there for things that might be fun to watch in that “it’s so dumb it’s awesome” kind of way, but it really isn’t that big. Unless you’re super into cutesy anime girls…or robots…or cutesy anime girl robots. But surely the market for that kind of thing isn’t one of the largest in the world…right? -30-

Stone Is Not Crash – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 104

Bell-bottoms, JNCO jeans, live action anime adaptations, Naruto AMVs. What do all these things have in common? Jack squat, but that won’t stop this episode from including them all. Why? Nobody knows. But it might be fun to try and guess…”might” being the operative word. Inexperience Point -30-

Big Bad Billy Bat Fett – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 103

With March finally upon the world, there is only one thing to do that makes sense: Talk about the brand new Nintendo Switch, the portable console that has everyone’s attention certifiably grabbed. Of course, this podcast seldom makes sense and the guys spend most of it solving some of the greatest questions of the age. When is a person considered evil? Who decided rap would best represent One Piece? Was 1999 the greatest year for film in the history of the world? Who is and isn’t Jango Fett? The answers may surprise you. -30-

Card Feelings – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 102

Okay, so this episode might start of a little on the heavy, real world side, but rest assured, the guys are back to their usual inane banter in no time. Yep, from the reinstatement of the Japanese military forces to the time that Yami Yugi almost killed Weevil with a card game, to a game that shows imagination is the perhaps the greatest super power out there, this episode has it all…depending on what you definition of “all” is. -30-

The Ridiculous Retcon – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 101

One hundred episodes go by and the world loses its mind. Honestly, an episode of this podcast following a time limit? Who’s ever heard of such insanity? What’s worse, the guys actually managed to keep it. They actually managed to keep it and still found the time to prattle on about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures and Marvel comics. It’s a whole new frontier above one hundred. There are no more rules… -30-

SnapTheatre – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 99.5

When the Luke is away, the Frank and Jake shall play. They, along with Kane, shall also refuse to label this as Episode 100, in a show of solidarity for their absent comrade. It also gives them a chance to act like total loons, although that isn’t nearly as nice as the “solidarity” angle and would probably have happened regardless of numbering conventions. -30-

Let Sleeping Mangaka Lie – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 99

Be it passion, work ethic, or sheer insanity, those guys and gals who make manga happen sure are a busy bunch. Similarly busy are those guys who make up The Offspring, what with the music and all. What do these two groups have in common? Little to nothing, but that won’t stop the guys from bringing both up in conversation. Along with a few more risque tales involving a certain animated school that may or may not also be a prison. -30-

Nausicaa’s Valley – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 98

Everybody knows that Digimon are the champions, it’s in the song, but has anyone ever stopped to think what that means to them? How far are Digimon willing to go to attain this lofty title? Well, peer a little further into the darker side of Gabumon and you may just find your answer. If, however, you do not seek such investigation, ponder a little on the fact that one of Hayao Miyazaki’s most eluded questions was one regarding a certain protagonist’s chest…because anime. -30-

Assassination Cop Out – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 96

Death. The end of the line, the final curtain, the part in the number where you shuffle all the way off this mortal coil. It is a part of life that has many synonyms and thus many interpretations…especially if anime gets involved. Then it turns into this whole shebang that may, or may not, be undone by wishing on a set of magical bestarred balls. On a slightly happier note, there’s a new voice to add to the chaos that is this podcast. Brace your eardrums. -30-

Australian Handball Rules – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 95

What better way to ring in the new year than discussing the one that was? Why, delving even further back of course. Back to the days of canteen lines, rules declaring those without hats may not play in the sun and that good ol’ pastime that has been taking the “tennis” out of “tennis ball” for decades. So sit back, relax (ignore the constant hum of a fan straining against the sweltering heat) and ring in the new year with a smile on your dial. It’s 2017, people, let’s make it a fun one. -30-

Jump Festivus – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 94

It’s a holly, jolly time of the year and the guys decide to spend it the one way they know how; conversing about the Shonen Jump popularity poll. They also give each other gifts, but that’s  really more for them…unless you count their words as your gift. Congratulations if you do and enjoy the happiness that attitude brings. If you don’t…there’s always next year. -30-

The Squids Aren’t Alright – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 92

Phew, that Death Stranding sure is a humdinger ain’t it? Two trailers, one game, a bunch of dead seafood, what’s it all about? Well, if you were looking for answers, you better believe you won’t find them here. However, if you were looking for some friendly discussion regarding the intensity of Mads Mikkelsen and the potential evil of cephalopods, then you’ve hit the jackpot. -30-

Sailor Moon vs. The Love Bug – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 91

Governments are stereotypically stern, faceless organisations that run society and deal with laws, taxes and all of those things that people pretend to understand and care about. But sometimes, they make a decision that is so out there that people can’t help but notice. Especially if said decision involves magical girls and the practices of safe…relationships. -30-

Switch Us Off – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 86

And thus the NX is the NX no more, rechristened and revealed to the world in all its hybrid splendour. It even manages to keep the guys talking about current news in a semi-professional manner, which is no small feat. Then time rears its inevitable head and conversation slowly drifts into the same rambling nonsense you all know and love…you’ve been warned. -30-

Crowd Control – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 83

What happens when you gather seven people, fed them hotdogs, place them around a single microphone and let them be themselves? This episode, apparently. With regulars, guests and newcomers galore, you’ll wonder to yourself, “How is it that this podcast just keeps getting better?” Of course, you’ll immediately realise that it doesn’t, but it’ll be a nice thought while it lasts. -30-

Complete and Utter Science – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 82

Did you know that light is actually quite heavy? Or that humans were the 74th species to exist on Earth? Or that the preceding 73 species are the only ones capable of flight? Well sit back and buckle up, because Professor Luke Halliday is about to take you on a wild scientific journey through time and space, whilst also explaining why you should never destroy the moon. It’s as educational as it is entertaining. -30-

Anime Oz Style – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 81

After briefly drawing from the unending well that is Pokemon Sun & Moon leaks, the guys cast pretense aside and stroll down memory lane. So if you wanted close to three hours of nostalgic cartoon discussion, topped off with personal introspection regarding sleep and possible OCD tendencies, you’ve come to the right place…and have a very specific set of wants. -30-

An Oak By Any Other Name – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 80

The more things change, the more they stay the same and boy how things are changing. Ultra Beasts, restrained chimeras and cellular collection now populate the wonderful world of Pokemon, turning the wonderful world of Pokemon on its head. However, one familiar face is here to remind trainers everywhere that Pokemon are pretty awesome…although he may subsequently question his grandnephew’s name is… -30-

Appliarise That – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 78

What has one referential title, two (unknowing) stars and three of the greatest minds to ever work in fictional film making? Why, the hottest new picture guaranteed to never hit the screens of course. One part joke and two parts fever dream, you’d best buckle up and prepare for a wild ride you shan’t ever forget…no matter how much you may wish to. -30-

Death of the Strawberry – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 77

It was with us through the good times, it was with us through the bad time, heck, it was the good times and the bad times, but now, after much consternation and chaos, Tite Kubo’s Bleach has closed the proverbial and literal book on its story. May it be remembered for what it was,what it became and what it will forever be; a piece of manga and anime history. -30-

Time Stands Still – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 76

It’s time for another lovely live helping of those lovable lunatics and you all know what that means. that’s right, an enchanting game wherein both audience and host alike discuss which characters they would spend the rest of their lives with, which they would enjoy a single wonderful night with and which they would render no longer living. Sure the kids call it FMK, but this particular variant has a smidgen more class and, like, two smidgens more kaiju. -30-

Bleach’s Kid – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 75

Another week, another discussion surrounding new Pokemon releases, Digimon English dub casting and Bleach. Honestly, it’s getting pretty predictable at this point. That being said, the very future of offspring based shonen series may just be revolutionised within the words spun in this particular, aforementioned discussion (emphasis on “may” definitely implied). -30-

Tierno is Concerndo – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 74

Can a Pokemon beat a Digimon? Would a Digimon mop the proverbial floor with a Pokemon? What are some interesting directorial choices when it comes to both script and action sequence? These questions have plagued mankind since the dawn of (anime) time…but no longer. that’s right, all the answers are right here folks. 100% fact checked and in no way based solely on personal opinion and preference. -30-

The Weepinbell Tolls for Thee – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 70

Well what do you know, another live episode. Who’da thunk it? No really, who? Live broadcasts are usually reserved for breaking news and bleeding edge information. What is this one about you ask? Attractive anime women and the immutable appeal of Pokemon Number 70. To be fair however, brand new Pokemon are mentioned and perhaps the current anime season is delved into a little. Still, this is a pretty chill one, so lay back, grab yourself a drink and be lulled to peace by the musings of three with a very loose grasp on sanity…or improv…or news. -30-

SnapThirty Was a Mistake – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 69.5

Why 69.5 you ask? Why not just list this as episode 70? Well, funny story about that…probably. Haven’t actually come up with it yet, but there totally has to be one. At the very least it caught your attention (maybe) and isn’t that enough? If not, the ever fresh topic of shonen reappears once more and the great mysteries of Bleach are finally…discussed. Or ridiculed, the words are basically interchangeable in this instance. Also Shaman King is pretty neat, you should check it out sometime. If you want… -30-

The Original Sasuke – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 69

There’s always one. One character who is not quite good, not quite evil and tends to rake in an exorbitant amount of the fanbase. The rogue, the renegade, the Sasuke. Think about it for a moment, delve into the recesses of your mind and recall each series you have seen in the past. You may have seen a Sasuke without even knowing it. There may even be a Sasuke in your life right now. Frightening, isn’t it? -30-

Hercules Heracles – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 68

There are some names that just exude strength, that ooze power, emanate hardiness…synonyms. But then you have to think to yourself; who came up with that name? I mean, somewhere back down the line a person, or persons, took the alphabet and rearranged it until they liked the sound it made. Some might call this practice an art, some, on the other hand, might just wing it and completely undermine the process. Not that you’d find people like that here… -30-

Two Elbows! – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 67

There is a fine line between genius and insanity, a very, very fine line. Some would say that creating a man with multiple joints in a single arm is an outrage, some may even cower in fear at the sheer concept. However, some men dare to go further, to push past each and every boundary laid before them…though they probably should’ve stopped before a cartoon man turned his arms into flutes and fought a bunch of marines. That may have been just a touch too far. -30-

Zilla Killer – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 66

Okay, so we all know that reboots are a bit of a sore topic for those who love the originals, that’s just a fact of life. However, seldom does a franchise bring back a failed characterisation in order to slam it into an Australian landmark and blow it up with laser beams. Farethewell Zilla, all the fish and Matthew Brodericks of the world couldn’t save you from Japan’s ire… -30-

Rap is 4Kids – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 64

Yo hepcats, how’s it hanging? Are you digging those sweet rap beats being dropped before you settle in for a cool episode of 4Kids branded One Piece? No need to answer, because the answer is yes, obviously. But if that weren’t enough for y’all, how ’bout checkin’ out some of those dope new Pocket Monsters that just got dropped this week. They are most assuredly the jam. -30-

Stand and Deliver – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 60

It could be said that this is a special podcast. A live, video podcast. Of course that would be pointless to mention because this is still an audio recording. There’s still words spoken though, so that’s the same…especially if you like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, or Pokemon, or discussing the differences between Hollywood and the Japanese film market…it’s a broad episode. -30-

Everybody Loves Raven – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 58

Can you hear it? That cacophonous sound? It foretells of that most sacred of events, that which will bring both joy and sorrow upon all with a decent internet connection. I speak of course of the new anime season, so sit back, buckle up and get ready to listen to a bunch of people talk about trailers that you can’t see. Well, you can see them, but you’ll have to seek them out yourself. You can make a game out of it…a simple game, but still. -30-

Slightly Better Than Silence – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 52

For Sale: Dynasty Warriors: Mobile Suit Gundam 3 Price: Free Absolutely no catch here folks, just a brand new game (still shrink wrapped) that totally does not come imbued with the malevolent spirit of a trapped demon. Send any and all expressions of interest to Luke and think about all the joy this game could bring you. [Joy Not Guaranteed] -30-

SnapCast Episode 44 – Best Worst Awards Show

It’s that time of year folks, that joyous period when friends and family sit down together and discuss the greatest, and not so, anime and games of the year that was. Who won you may ask? Well, if you truly wish to know, and don’t mind spending an inordinate amount of time listening to three guys with questionable knowledge and authority on the matter say words, then listen on to what is technically an awards show. -30-

SnapCast Episode 32 – Snake Boss

Just when you though you couldn’t get enough, a shocking revelation is made; the podcast is henceforth a weekly endeavour. Isn’t that great? Please say yes… This new schedule will have an effect on the length of the podcast, vis a vis shortening it by a half hour or so…but not this week. Things were looking to be on schedule, then the Metal Gear timeline came up… -30-

SnapCast Episode 31 – Attack on Attack on Titan

In this episode, Kane, Frank and Luke let the vitriol shine through as they discuss Japanese cinema’s latest foray into the world of live action anime adaptations. Your voices have also been heard, as Luke returns to expository form in the sequel to the hit podcast segment: Luke’s Story Time. This time around, hear the story of a samurai named Kenshin, through the words of some guy not named Kenshin. -30-