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Halcyon Daze: Episode One – Looking Back On Megaman

The start of a new series of SnapThirty videos, Halcyon Daze takes audiences through the younger days of the SnapThirty crew as they discuss some of the Animes, Mangas, Television Shows and Video Games that made up a great deal of their childhood. On the first episode, Frank takes viewers on a wild ride through the fictional timeline of Keiji Inafune’s Megaman. From the original games to the new animated television series, follow Frank as he rants, raves, and rambles on about the magical franchise that made up most of his childhood. -30-

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Review

It all started back in 2004. That year the Earth was introduced to a brand-new threat, one that could prove detrimental to the enjoyable existence of human beings but one that is a necessity for it’s survival. The first Monster Hunter game hit the PlayStation 2 with one hell of a bang and ever since then it’s only grown more and more popular. It’s one of those video games that people love to hate. Much like Dark Souls, Monster Hunter pushed gamers to their limits as they blazed their own trail through a world overrun with deadly wildlife. With a simple story and some incredibly deep gameplay mechanics, Monster Hunter quickly grew to be a series loved by people around the world. You, the player, fill the shoes of a rookie Hunter trying to make their way in a dangerous world. While dangerous creatures roam every forest, every canyon and every swamp, life goes on. It has to. Industry must continue to prosper, people must continue to live and hunters, well…they must continue to hunt. The …