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Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie Promotion Gives Shinjuku Public Transporters A Grand Look At The Series’ History

YuGiOhTheDarksideofDimensionsPosterWhen Yu-Gi-Oh! was first shown back in 1996 within the pages of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump no one expected it to become what it now is today, but I suppose the same could be said about many of the successful series’ that once called Shonen Jump their home. What began as a story simply about a masterful game-playing spirit quickly became the card game-centric story we know it to be today. The Manga series then spawned an Anime series, which then spawned countless games, and story offshoots that, while no longer written by the original creator Kazuki Takahashi, still retain the “over the top” essence of the original.

On the 23rd of April, only about a week away, the new movie Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side Of Dimensions will open up in Japanese theatres across the great country. While we don’t know the more intricate details of the film’s story, what we do know is that it will take place some time after the original series, and feature both an older Yugi Mutou and Seto Kaiba, as well as some of the other, unimportant character cast members.

Japan, I believe, does many things better than anywhere else in the world. One of those particular things happens to be advertisements. While often strange and somewhat scary, you’ll find that the most exciting advertising campaigns come from Japan, whereas the rest of the world tend to stay somewhat tactful. For the upcoming film, The Dark Side Of Dimensions, the crew in charge of advertising have decided to line one of the walls of the Shinjuku train station with a series of glass panel cabinets that just so happen to contain one copy of every single printed Yu-Gi-Oh! card from 1999 (the year the game launched) to 2016.


This wall, which surprisingly stretches for quite a while considering how small the cards are, features a total count of 7659 cards, and that includes those now unfit for tournament play. This “public exhibit” though mainly installed for the sake of advertising the film also works to showcase just how popular a franchise can be. To think that, after 17 years, this trading card game has remained strong despite the time that has past between now and it’s original launch. This small exhibition is also a testament to the development team who not only continue to come up with brand new monsters to feature on the cards, but with a set of abilities that fit into the overall game without breaking its mechanics.

Once again, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side Of Dimensions opens across Japan on the 23rd of April, with many Western card fiends hoping that this movie gets a theatrical release outside of the great country, even if it is only a short one.

These images have been sourced from the Twitter accounts: @DWSF_18RA, @heven_to, and @Takeuntinus.


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