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Yours Truly, A Regretful Old Man – 91 Days Episode Nine – Season’s Writings


What’s done has been done, and at the very epicentre of what is looking to become a great tragedy is mild-mannered Corteo. Though I would still consider him a mild and gentle man, descriptive words of that nature would have befit him more about two episodes ago. After killing Fango running on nothing but primal rage alone, Corteo is captured by the Vanetti family who have recently discovered that it was he who was working as Fango’s informant, albeit for only a short period of time. Episode Nine focuses on the “discipline” of Corteo for his action which, if not for some sort of miracle, would have been a swift death. Escaping from the Vanetti’s and now in the hands of another, more mysterious, third party; Corteo is forced to contact Angelo delivering to him only a verbal ultimatum; “Kill Nero, or they kill me“. The episode ends on quite the cliffhanger with [Insert Character Name Here] revealed to be the sender of that, metaphorically, bloodstained letter.

Once again, 91 Days has undergone another huge dynamic shift. Corteo is now a target for execution rather than a beloved moonshiner, Nero is now head of the Vanetti family as his Father steps down, and Angelo is now forced to make a decision that we as the audience are lead to believe can really only go one way. Fango’s death at the hands of Corteo was the catalyst that has inadvertently altered the paradigm of the entire show, in what I consider to be a good way. The Vanetti’s gunning for him, and his capture by the unknown party is pushing Angelo to what I would consider the point of no return. Once a decision is made, it cannot be undone, and the one that lies on Angelo’s shoulders could mean the bloody conclusion of his life’s work long before his plan is able to be properly completed.


Episode Nine gives the audience a nice look at Angelo’s mental state, and the mask he must wear around his new “Family”, only in private being able to properly react to the situation he dragged his long-time friend into. Angelo is entirely to blame for Corteo’s “between a rock and a hard place” situation. Corteo knows it, and so does Angelo, and I feel as though this is what makes this entire series of events all the more heart-breaking. If Corteo were to die, let’s say, at the hands of this mysterious party, chances are it was because Angelo could not bring himself to take the life of Nero; a man he swore vengeance upon but, as they’ve come to connect, is slowly realising that he may not be the man he once thought. This would, in turn, make Corteo’s involvement utterly unnecessary, dying in vein for a cause he had no place being a part of. Chances are though, considering past episodes, Angelo will cook up some sort of intricate scheme to get what he wants without losing too much of what he needs.

The episode’s final moments are ones that brought a smile to my face, but left me in a state of utter disarray. It wasn’t that the twist was so complex that I was not able to grasp it even the slightest, it hit me on an anticipatory level. As many of us do, I enjoy trying to determine where a story will go at every twist and turn, but with the reveal feature at the episode’s end, and the show’s history of handling things of this nature, I feel as though I’m not mentally equipped to speculate even the slightest. Unfortunately for those of you who’re reading this without having watched the episode, I will NOT be revealing who said character is, which would really suck for you because this write-up has been full of vague descriptions. This is great though, and I envy you, because you’ve yet to be hit with quite the twist, and you get to experience it for the first time, which I implore you to do right now.

91 Days is now available to watch through Crunchyroll: Click Here.


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