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Your Wish, Their Command – Capcom Reveals Protoman Helmet Replica


In July of 2015, Capcom revealed to the world that they had opened up pre-orders for the item fans of Megaman have been waiting on all their lives; a full-scale replica helmet of the Blue Bomber himself. This expensive piece of merchandise was comfortably wearable, it was greatly detailed, and certain features would light up, making this the perfect replica of our hero’s helmet.

Well, since then, the helmet has been released across the world, being put up for sale on Capcom’s official site, as well as in stores such as Australia’s own Zing; pop culture merchandise retailer. It’s price tag in the triple digits, nobody thought the helmet would sell as well as it did. So well, in fact, that Capcom had absolutely no choice but to begin working on a secondary replica helmet, this time one based on that of the original mentally-independent android; Protoman.

It’s not often that Capcom will listen to the words of their audience, but seeing as the Megaman replica helmet made so much money, it was an easy choice for the company to make. Set for a release in the Winter (North America) of this year, the Protoman replica helmet will be as well-developed, if not more so, than that of the Megaman version. Protoman’s helmet will light up much like that of the alternative, and will feature his signature visor which, like sunglasses, will be clear but tinted ever so slightly.

Those who choose to purchase this from the official Capcom store, for a limited time only, will also receive a replica of Protoman’s signature yellow scarf so that you can complete his look. All you need now is a skin-tight grey leotard, a cherry-red riot shield, and the ability to successfully whistle is entrance tune every time you walk into a room.

Pre-Order the Protoman replica helmet through Capcom’s Official online store by Clicking Here.


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