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‘Your Name’ Grosses Over $1 Million in Australia, Surpasses ‘Spirited Away’ and ‘Pokemon’ at AUS Box Office


Your Name has quite simply become a phenomenon. Makoto Shinkai’s film about two teens waking up in each other’s lives which has garnered universal critical acclaim and commercial success has just passed a major landmark down under according to Australian anime distributor Madman Entertainment.

In a blog post update on their site Madman confirmed that Your Name has grossed over $1,000,000 AUD at the Box Office, surpassing Spirited Away 10 times over and Pokemon the First Movie 20 times over, making it the second highest grossing anime film ever in Australian Box Office history. The only other anime film to gross higher than Your Name was 2004’s smash hit Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie which grossed a total of $1,367,050 AUD in its time in cinemas.

It is worth noting that while Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie received a standard cinema run, Your Name only received a special limited time run, with no where near the same amount of cinemas showing the film as Yu-Gi-Oh! did way back in 2004. With that in mind, cracking the 1 million mark is truly astonishing and a fantastic result for Your Name, especially when you consider it didn’t have the same advantage as Yu-Gi-Oh! as being based upon an established and already popular craze. So well done to Your Name.

Source: Madman


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  1. This movie really did just kind of take everyone by storm. I still haven’t had the chance to see it but I’m very curious as to why it has had such an appeal. Looking forward to when I have the opportunity to check it out.

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