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You Thought Two Were Bad, Try Six – New Live-Action Death Note Film Announced For 2016

Death-Note-Live-Action-Film-Poster-Image-01Almost ten years ago, back in 2006, two live-action films were released that recounted the tragic but invigorating story of Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba’s highly-popular Manga series; Death Note. Surprisingly, these two films are known for being faithful adaptations of the original Manga, doing the series justice from the first minute all the way up until the last. Both films also happen to feature the Red Hot Chilli Peppers song “Dani California” for an unknown reason, but it’s presence only works to make the films more enjoyable.

Recently, a live-action television series has been airing in Japan that, once again, recreates the events of the Death Note Manga series almost as well as the two movies. The end of said series has just come about and with it the announcement of a brand-new live-action Death Note movie that will tell a continuation of the story never seen before. The upcoming film, simply titled Death Note 2016, will follow best friends Light Yagami and L who, after the events of the first two films, have decided to partner up in an attempt to thwart crime as a whole once and for all.

Excuse me, reader, it seems as though I’ve been gravely mistaken. Here I thought my very own Death Note fan fiction had been discovered by some film executives and has been adapted into the new movie. As it turns out, neither of the two were resurrected from the dead, chose to become friends, decided to partner up, and travel the world fighting crime. Instead, the new movie will feature neither of them…obviously.


Death Note 2016 will be set ten years in the future, long after Kira’s reign over the world had been stopped, seemingly, once and for all. The film will focus on two new main characters; one of which has inherited the will of Light and the other the will of L, though in official press releases they refer to it as the men’s DNA. What exactly does that mean? We have no idea at this point in time, but soon enough I’m sure something more will come to light. No pun intended.

Proper fans of the original Manga will remember a certain rule regarding the Death Notes that limits the number of them existing on Earth at the same time to a measly six. The original Manga detailed this but never directly addressed it. Well, this film will be a little different; this rule is going to act as the bulk of the story, with the main character cast waging war over their ownership.

Shown at the very end of the Death Note live-action television series’ finale is the video I have provided for you below; a teaser trailer for the upcoming movie that features a few characters you may remember from the first two films but, unfortunately, none from the film to come. A true teaser indeed. Surely, within the next month or so, more information regarding this film will be released. When that happens, you can be sure we’ll feature it here on the website, so stick around and keep an eye out for when the story breaks.


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