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Yokai Watch Movie Makes Billions Of Yen, Nobody is Surprised

yokai-watch-movieSo Yokai Watch is pretty huge. In fact its about a billion yen huge. Not only is the anime series the most popular anime in Japan right now, the video-game series is also the best selling in Japan right now and on top of that the Yokai Watch movie is the best selling Japanese anime movie right now. Damn Yokai Watch, give the rest of the anime a chance!

That’s right, Level-5’s blockbuster smash hit franchise Yokai Watch has once again topped the charts, this time topping 5 Billion yen at the Japanese box-office with its first film ‘Yokai Watch: The Secret of Birth, Nyan!’.

While it was still a bit behind the Japanese premiere of Big Hero 6 this is a major win for Level-5 and their colossal hit Yokai Watch. Now we wait until it takes of the Western World and we all become slaves to the almighty Whisper.


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