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‘Yokai Watch’ has taken Japan by storm, the nation-wide craze breaks sales records!


It would be an understatement to say that Level 5’s Yokai Watch series is pretty popular in Japan. The franchise has spawned a video-game, manga and even an anime adaptation with the series becoming arguably Japan’s hottest commodity going right now.

This past week Oricon released details of the best selling products in Japan and Yokai Watch came in at number 2 behind Disney’s Frozen. This is of course makes Yokai Watch the most successful Japanese franchise today with the series spawning dozens of related merchandise of all manner and variety.

The most popular off shoot merch is undoubtedly the ‘Yokai Medals’ a toy which has sold out in nearly every reach of Japan and continues to sell out each time stock hits shelves with parents struggling to get their little ones a precious ‘Yokai Medal’.

The much sought after Yokai Watch toy and medals. Very cool!

The much sought after Yokai Watch toy and medals. Very cool!

On top of that the upcoming Yokai Watch film has broken blockbuster records with a whopping 721,422 advance tickets sold ahead of the films release. This makes for an all time record for Japanese cinema and for TOHO. The film is estimated to become the highest grossing animated film of the year and some even predict it reaching highest grossing of all time for Japan.

Level 5 have already announced two more games and a second film despite the fact the first film has yet to even premiere. It has become abundantly apparent that Yokai Watch is the next big thing in Japan. Could this be the next ‘Pokemon’ phenomenon? I certainly think so.


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