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Yokai Watch 2 Ships Three Million Units In Japan Alone


This game has been on my mind quite a bit as of late. I don’t exactly know what it is that’s keeping thoughts of playing this game thrashing around in my brain. It could be the cute visuals, it could be its similarities to the “Pokemon” franchise, it could even be because it’s a game that focuses on Japanese mythology. Let’s just say, as of right now, it’s a mix of all of those things and it’s driving me crazy because it’s not gotten a release in the West…yet! Level 5, the team behind the game, must be going absolutely bananas over in their development office because this game has taken Japan by storm.

Already there are two titles in the series of 3DS games: “Yokai Watch” and “Yokai Watch 2” with a third on the way titled “Yokai Watch 2: Headliner” which is more of an upgrade on the previous title rather than a brand-new game in the series. Similar to how “Pokemon Yellow” is almost the same as “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Blue” but with certain deferences that put it above what came before. Level 5, over the weekend, released some statistics about their game over the weekend that shook the world of Japanese pop culture: the developer/distributor has shipped over three million copies “Yokai Watch 2” around Japan ALONE! That’s, that’s, that’s incredible!

It is true what people have been saying; “Yokai Watch” truly is the “next big thing” in Japanese gaming and apparently it’s also on its way to the West next year. This not only means we’ll be able to get our hands on one hell of a good-looking, light-hearted game, it also means that Level 5 will be making even more money which means they’ll be making even more games which means there’s a higher possibility some of those games will also make it out of Japan! I’m going crazy! Though…this is all wishful thinking. Nothing has been officially confirmed but hopes are high and I think believing in something like this will eventually lead to it being a reality. Good on you, Level 5, you’re living the dream.


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