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Yo-kai Watch’s Jibanyan was inspired by tragic death of real life cat


Anyone who has watched the Yo-kai Watch anime or played the game of the same name know of cat spirit Jibanyan’s tragic backstory. It is one that is all too familiar to many pet owners out there and series creator Akihiro Hino has just confirmed that the character was inspired by a real life tragedy that he had himself witnessed.

Jibanyan is the spirit of a cat that had been hit by a truck when crossing an intersection with his owner Amy. Having passed on, Jibanyan remained at the intersection haunting the spot and fighting trucks as they would pass by relentlessly hoping to one day be strong enough to stop the truck.

Hino has confirmed in a recent interview that he once saw a stray cat on the side of an intersection, he played with it, became enamoured by its cuteness and wanted to take it home. Unfortunately didn’t believe he would be allowed to keep the cat so he left it behind. He would later return to that very spot to tragically discover that the cat had been ran over and had died. The moment stayed with him throughout his life and has ultimately gone on to inspire a character that is cherished by people across the globe.

So there you have it, the true story behind Jibanyan. Keep on fighting, little buddy, you’ve got the eye of the tiger.


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