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Yo-Kai Watch To Air On Disney XD Later This Year, Celebrate With English Theme Song


Yo-Kai Watch has been on the minds of the SnapThirty crew for quite some time now. We’ve kept up with it since it’s conception and have followed it through all the way to it’s almost Western release. Luke Halliday, fellow writer and good friend, recently went to Japan wherein which he spent a great deal of his money eating, sight-seeing, and buying Yo-Kai Watch merchandise much like any other smart man would. It’s safe to say that we literally cannot wait for this franchise to hit the West. I’ve begun buying and building Yo-Kai Watch figurine kits, Luke has purchased trading card game decks despite not being able to read Japanese, and a lot of what comes our of our mouthes are either the Japanese theme song from the Anime or Whisper’s very own “sou desu ne“.

We’re hooked, so you can see why we’re so excited that Densetsu Entertainment USA in conjunction with Level-5 Inc. have just announced that the English version of the Anime will be airing on Disney X D sometime later this year. Now we already knew the Anime was hitting local shores alongside some toy ranges and the actual Nintendo 3DS game but we didn’t know on what channel it would air. Australia doesn’t have Disney X D but I’m sure that whoever the equivalent is down under will indeed do their part and share the majesty of Yo-Kai Watch with the kids (and some of us adults) down under.

To celebrate this small but impactful announcement, the powers at be have released a video containing the English opening theme song for the series and while it’s no “Gera Gera Pon“, I’m sure it will eventually plague our minds with just how catchy it is. The first time hearing it, you probably wont like it, but stay strong! It will grow on you! I mean…we kind of have no choice.

For us older fans of the franchise, it is the Nintendo 3DS title we’re holding out for the most. While still retaining a sense of childish wonder, it is, much like that of Pokemon, much more accessible and enjoyable for older audiences that is the Anime. The great thing is that, by Christmas this year, stores outside of Japan will be filled with not only the video game but with all the merchandise you can fit into your shopping cart, so prepare for that!


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