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Yo-kai Watch has sold over 10 million units globally, Yo-kai is Why


Everybody knows how popular Yo-kai Watch is in Japan and with the series slowly being rolled out to the rest of the world Yo-kai mania has hit a fever pitch with the series now hitting the milestone of 10 million units sold worldwide since launch.

Since the first Yo-kai Watch game hit stores across America in early November after just one month the game has topped 1.7 million units sold in America alone. That is indeed an impressive feat considering it is effectively a new IP for Nintendo and Level-5 and it has simply proven to be a colossal success with more units expected to sell as we move into the Holiday season.

The game is slated to hit shelves across Australia on December 5th and Europe in early 2016. With Yo-kai Watch breaking sales records across the globe many are left in awe at its success, but the answer to its success is as simple as Nintendo’s slogan puts it: Yo-kai is why.


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