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Yo-Kai Watch 3’s New Information Update Introduces Us To Agents Marder and Kakurii


There’s something undeniably charming about Level-5 video game productions that goes much deeper than cute visuals and heart-warming storylines. Whether it be Inazuma Eleven, Professor Layton, Ni No Kuni, or any of their other beloved games, it seems as though Level-5 has the strange ability to develop games with an certain sense of heart. Yo-Kai Watch, to me, seems as though it is the franchise that portrays this in the clearest of ways and, once again, not just for superficial reasons. This is why new Yo-Kai Watch information is always exciting, and despite the fact that the West is now two games behind Japan, I feel as though audiences outside of the great country can’t help but embrace the news regardless of it’s region-based exclusivity.

Overnight, Level-5 released a major update of information regarding the upcoming Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura titles that shows a few of the new features alongside some of the new characters that will accompany you throughout the story which, at this point in time, is actually still a mystery. Yo-Kai customisation, zombie attacks, pop idol training, and the appearance of X Files agents. Only in a Level-5 game can these elements exist together in harmony, and it’s absolutely fantastic.

Nyan Create:

A brand-new mechanic added into Yo-Kai Watch 3, Nyan Create allows players to design and customise their very own Cat Yo-Kai, similar to that of Jibanyan. You will use the chocolate-loving feline’s body structure as a base, then build upon it in any number of ways. Alongside physical changes like it’s ears and it’s face, you will also be able to change it’s colour and equip it with many different clothing items that you unlock along the way to make your Nyan the best Nyan around. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this feature is that this unique Yo-Kai will fight alongside your team in battle if you so choose it.

Zombie Night:

This mechanic will play out a lot like the “Terror Time” segments of the first game wherein which the overworld changes drastically and you are tasked with escaping from the Oni army. Zombie Night not only has the player character, you, escape from humanoid and Yo-Kai-like zombie creatures, it has you actively searching for the “Daybreak Bell“; an item that, when struck, will signify the end of the Zombie Night and return you to the waking hours. You’re not defenceless while in Zombie Night though; a mysterious Doctor equips you with his “Special Hammer” that can eliminate zombie threats with a single pound.

The Y Files:

While not a new mechanic, this interesting feature of Yo-Kai Watch 3 will carry on throughout the story as you continue to play through it. In true Level-5 fashion, nothing is off-limits, and that includes 1993 sci-fi thriller series The X Files. Watashi want to believe desu! Two new characters have been introduced with this new information dump; Agent Marder (the small-talking theorist), and Agent Kakurii (the intellectual realist). Featuring a strangely different art style from the rest of the game’s characters, these two agents will appear time and time again as they investigate strange Yo-Kai appearances which, considering your position in the game, you’re mostly a cause of.



As a part of many new and exciting updates to the series’ gameplay mechanics comes a mini-game wherein which players are tasked with making newly-introduced protagonist Inaho dance alongside a few of the members of the fictional girl group Nya-KB. This rhythm game is strictly for fun and, as of right now, has not been said to award you with anything that can aid you within the bulk of the game. Yo-Kai Watch has a philosophy that bases itself around having fun first, and this is just another one of those good-time gameplay features that reminds you what video games are truly meant to be.

Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura are set for a release across Japan on the 16th of July, which means it’s only a little over a month away. Yosh! Unfortunately the West is still waiting on the release of Yo-Kai Watch 2, so we won’t be getting this game for quite some time. The original Yo-Kai Watch did so well outside of Japan that Level-5 and Nintendo don’t have much of a choice but to keep localising future games so you know we’ll be getting what Japan now has, but only at a later date.


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