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Yamcha Is The World’s Strongest Fighter In This New Dragon Ball Spin-Off


The problem with most people of this day and age is that they only remember the bad times as they disregard the good. Yamcha, whom you should all be very much aware of, is the butt of an endless stream of jokes with many considering him to be, perhaps, the most useless characters to ever grace the pages of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Z Manga and it’s Anime adaptation. That, for the most part, is a fair point…ONLY if you’re considering Dragon Ball Z. You see, Yamcha was once quite the force to be reckoned with during the days of Dragon Ball, but time has forgotten that, and he is now only known as little more than a failure of a fighter. He WAS, for a short while, the star player of a baseball team, but that was overshadowed by, well…Goku’s constant battle against world-ending evil.

Fear not, fans of Yamcha! Shonen Jump Plus, a digital Manga run by Shueisha so far only available across Japan, has begun featuring a brand-new Manga based upon Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series. It is a Manga called “Dragon Ball Side Story: The Case of Being Reincarnated as Yamcha” and it features an odd but interesting premise: A young boy from our world, the real world, awakes one day in the body of Dragon Ball’s Yamcha. After coming to terms with his altered existence he uses his extensive knowledge of the Dragon Ball Manga, of which he enjoyed greatly in the real world, to shift Yamcha’s destiny. As a result of this, Yamcha (being controlled by this young man) becomes one of the most powerful Z Fighters to exist, taking the place of Goku in most if not all pivotal battles.

The Manga is being written and illustrated by one Dragon Garow Lee who you may know created the highly popular web comic One Punch Man X Dragon Ball. DGL is well-knowns for being a mimic illustrator who can emulate most of the styles of popular Mangaka. This assures us of one thing; that the Manga will at least look like Dragon Ball. DGL’s writing style, like his art, is also based on mimicry so you can imagine that it will feel a great deal like Dragon Ball.

Unfortunately the first chapter has only been released for Japanese audiences, but considering that it IS based on Dragon Ball, it will only be a matter of time before VIZ Media picks it up for a Western release through their own Shonen Jump app. Don’t take my word for it though, at this point in time it’s just a humble but educated guess.


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