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Yakuza 0 – Money, Women, Power Trailer

Yakuza-0-Promotional-Spread-Image-01It’s not quite a quote from Al Pacino’s ‘Scarface’ but it’s close enough for me to draw a connection. Sega have today updated the official ‘Yakuza 0’ website to now feature a brand-new trailer that will take audiences on a wild seven minute ride through what is looking to be one of the greatest brawler titles of the new generation. The trailer titled ‘Money, Women, Power’ will show you, well…money, women and power.

‘Yakuza 0’ tells the story of a young Kazuma Kiryu as well as a just-as-young Majima Goro, both of which we’ve seen countless times throughout the series. The game, which is set for an exclusive Sony release (PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4), takes place in 1988 and will tell the story of how these two young men came to be. This new trailer takes viewers through each of the most important aspects of the new games and showcases some of the updated gameplay mechanics as well as just how damn good the graphics are looking.

Unfortunately it is in full Japanese with NO subtitles so, for the most part, you wont really know what’s going on but if you pay enough attention I’m sure you can clue in to exactly what it is the trailer is describing. Set for an unspecific 2015 release in Japan, Western audiences are really hoping for some sort of localization. For now we’ll just have to sit back and enjoy the trailers, continuing to pray that we will one day be able to lay the smack down once again.


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